With almost two decades of HR knowledge, experience and passion, H&E Trusted Advisors was established to support business owners who have a desire to be Free! Free from the administrative burden, Free from the guess work, “Is this the best decision” or “Does this put my company at risk”? Free from keeping up with the ever changing employment laws, Free from adapting your culture to fit an HR vendor.

H&E Trusted Advisors is your partner!

Throughout my years in Human Resources, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting many organizations within multiple industries.  What I’ve found is that all business owners have common goals:

  1. To grow their business
  2. To take care of their people
  3. To be competitive in the market
  4. To have time for their own family

H&E Trusted Advisors designed our services to meet those needs! The day to day of business owners is consumed with moving their business forward, marketing to potential consumers and managing finances. 
We get it! We understand and we’ve created a niche service model that sets us apart from our competitors.  We provide after-hour support!

Yes! While you run your business during the day, our Advisors will focus on all aspects of your Human Capital Management. 

Christy Buie-Nunley, MBA


Where your strategic and unique Human Capital needs are met before Sunrise and after Sunset

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